Contract production online – simple, fast, reliable

We are the latest spin-off of one of the leading German mechanical engineering companies in the world. We have an in-house production depth of over 90 %, which means that we are able to produce every component of our machines by ourselves. Our machinery owns the latest machines and is permanently kept up-to-date. We offer our long lasting experience in kind of contract production work to many outside companies. We have done this for decades, since 2016 we also do it online!
You will find a selection of our range of services further down.


And here’s how:

1. Create an inquiry

With our special web based input form you will have created your inquiry in a few minutes: Simply upload a drawing of the requested element, enter the number of pieces, your preferred delivery date and the project name. You will also find a field in which you can leave further information and questions. In case of upcoming queries from our side concerning your inquiry, we will contact you personally. A registration is not required for this step.

2. We will submit you a free offer

After we receive your request, we will create and send you an offer. If our offer fits you, we start the production.

3. You receive your product

We send the finished product to your shipping address. You can lean back and rely on our many years of experience.

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Extract of our range of services:

Turning: Max. turning-diameter of 250 mm to 1000 mm with a z-axis of 800 to 3000 mm

Eroding: 350 mm x 550 mm

Milling: Operationlength of 500 mm to 11000 mm, 5-axis machining

Honing:  Bore diameter up to 400 mm

Engineering: Latest CAD-workplaces

Laser cutting: 3000 mm x 1500 mm

Painting: We have our own paint shop

Assembly: Hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics

Powder-coating: Since 2016 we can offer you powder-coating complementary to our paint shop

Grinding: Round- and flat grinding

Welding: Welded subassemblies up to 20 tons