Frequently asked questions – and answers


What is Desyno?

Desyno is the platform for individual furniture. It gives you the opportunity to create your own piece of furniture. At the same time you can decide whether your furniture shall be a single-unit production or it should be sold over the Desyno shop. At the Desyno shop you can find furniture designed by other creative people which had already been produced and have the possibility to order them directly.


How to submit my idea?

Everything is possible: A rough sketch, a Photoshop-picture or a complex CAD-drawing. Take your mobile phone and take a picture of your sketch, scan it on your computer, make a screenshot or upload a CAD-file. – It‘s up to you! You do not even have to sign in for that.

As long as we understand your idea, our engineers will create a professional drawing free of charge. If something is unclear from our side, we will contact you by email and discuss your idea together. Just a little hint: It is helpful in all cases to state dimensions and/or a short description if something is not exactly shown on your draft.


Which materials can be used in the production?

“Everything is possible!“ – As long as physics allows it! Let your imagination run free. We do our utmost to convert your wishes and ideas into reality. Nevertheless, if the realization of your idea should hardly be possible or unreasonable costs should arise; we promise to find a solution.


How long does your production take?

Individual requests have individual delivery times. As our products are customized, the delivery time can only be individually specified. However, usually we are able to deliver faster than the common furniture shops.


Why do I need a Desyno account?

At first we only need your email address  in order to submit you an offer and to discuss your idea. In case of order we need a few more details to send you the invoice and to transfer you the share of sold items.


How to pay?

Currently we accept the most common bank transfer or PayPal. Credit card payments will also be processed via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account.


How expensive is my individual furniture?

We have a highly flexible and advanced production management allowing us to keep up with retail prices, although we are talking about individually manufactured furniture. Sometimes our prices are more favorable another time they are a little higher. Due to direct distribution over we do not have any costs arising for distributors or delivery and storage. The results are fair prices and less CO2 emissions.


How to earn money with Desyno?

As soon as we receive your order to produce your furniture you will automatically be asked if you are interested in offering your product via Afterwards, we will carry out the entire production, delivery and accounting. You will simply receive your amount.


… my amount? How much do I earn?

Usually you will receive 5,5 % of the obtained net turnover. Just imagine, 100 pieces sold mean a fair sum of money.


Do I have the possibility to return my individual furniture?

All our products are subject to the valid revocation instruction. Please refer to AGB und Widerrufsbelehrung


Will everything be delivered to my home?

Your furniture will be delivered to your stated address assembled or in single pieces.



Any further questions?

Send us an