Your individual furniture in 4 steps

Entering here to join. You have an idea but do not really know how to realize it? Or you simply do not have the right tools or not enough time to create it? Send us your idea, we will build it for you. And finally you will even earn money with it!

Color, shape, material: Let your ideas flow free!


1. Upload your sketch

Send us your sketch. A registration is not required for this step! It does not matter whether it is roughly drawn with a pencil or a pen on a piece of paper or it is a photo taken by your smartphone or a professional CAD drawing.

The only important thing is that we understand your wish! Additionally, describe in your own words what is important for you. Which material, which features and which sizes do you have in mind? Show it to us!


2. We will submit you an offer

After receiving your sketch, we will provide you a design free of charge. At the same time, we will submit you a non-binding offer. If our proposal comes up to your expectations, we will realize your idea.


3. We produce

We produce your idea as a single or series part. Whichever you prefer!


4. Make money with Desyno

It is your decision whether to enjoy your idea as an exclusive single part or to make it available to all other visitors of Just imagine your product will be ordered in our Desyno shop by other users. We will continue producing and you receive 5,5 % of each item sold. While you lean back and relax, we do the entire work from production to punctual delivery up to accounting.


Start now:

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