Desyno water curtain

Handcrafted in stainless steel (satin polished)

Connectable to standard tubing systems

Suitable directly at or in a swimming pool

Usable indoors and outdoors

Individual measures possible!

Standard measures: Length x Width x Height: 20 cm x 120 cm x 300 cm

Total Height:                                            300 cm

Height from the surface:                        250 cm

Height from surface to water ledge:    230 cm

Width of water ledge:                             100 cm

Total width:                                              120 cm

Width of the stand:                                 20 cm x 20 cm

Width of the water ledge:                      20 cm x 20 cm

Additional drip pan for the Desyno water curtain available with or without circulation pump.


The desyno water curtain is a head-turner. With its minimalistically design it increases the value of every garden . It is characterized by a high-class finishing and thanks to the rust-resistant steel it can remain outside at its allocated space in all kind of weather. Before it will simply be applied in-ground. The standard water connection allows a connection to all conventional tubing systems -even under the surface! Alternatively the water curtain can be placed at or in a swimming pool to upgrade the swimming pool.

An additional drip pan for the Desyno water curtain is a vailable with or without a circulation pump on request.

As usual at Desyno your individual measures are available on demand.


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